After 4 years, Irdial Discs breaks its self imposed silence, and releases M.O.Y.

This release is the result of a circle which began in 1994, when we were mailed the excellent “magazine for mature readers” Slouch a publication full of awesome, unaccredited illustrations and insane stories. In a subsequent package, we were sent an illustration that was to become the house sleeve for all Irdial-Discs releases, featuring a DJ in a fishnet undershirt, mixing two blenders that were grinding his hands into hamburger.

Then, The Conet Project was released.
Our home away from home in Covent Garden closed.
Everything changed.

Fast forward to 2000. Whilst walking through Soho Square, we came across an exhibition of extraordinary paintings in the Global Cafe, where Irdial-Discs artists had previously performed for Plug Lazonbys' infamous pirate radio sessions.

The exhibited works were beautiful. The artist had a website. The website was deeply gratifying. The music on the site: to die for. We took a flyer and planned to make contact. It was not until the website in question failed to load one day, that we telephoned the number on the flyer, lest we loose all hope of contacting the artist. And then, finally, we spoke to one Thomas Barwick.

It transpired, after an hour in conversation, that this Thomas Barwick was the artist behind the magazine Slouch, and in particular, he was the artist behind the parts of Slouch that we like the most. It was he that created what would have become the Irdial-Discs house sleeve.

A suggestion was made that we should be sent a CDR by one Philip Minns, the man responsible for the music on the Thomas Barwick website.

This single CDR was the spark.

After hundreds of worthless submissions, and a series of irrefutable coincidences, at last...

“A cause to fight for”

70ird moy1