Aqua Regia

The first exponent of what could now be called "breakbeat disco", Aqua Regia was at the center of what was known as "Ambient House" and was licenced by several labels, including Hillbilly House Records, The Italian label DFC for its sucessful "Ambient House" compilation, which featured The Orb, Sueno Latino and others.

The Big Band house fusion track "Big Band House" was one of the most requested tracks on the BBC Radio One John Peel programme, and Irdial-Discs continues to recieve a steady stream of requests for this record. It is this idea of melting together different types of music and fusing them together with house music beats that is the center of the Aqua Regia process, and which spawned the title of the double LP "The Age of Aqueous".

Previously, Hip Hop producers were scratching records to juxtapose beats and create new works. Aqua Regia took this idea and moved it into House music by using trash disco breaks instead of James Brown as building blocks, and House music instead of Hip Hop for the beats. It is only now in the 21st century that there has been an explosion of this exact fusion of House and disco in the music world at large.

An Aqua Regia track, "Pump Up The L.E.D.s to Red" was used as intro sound on an episode of "Brass Eye". File under multi-textured and layered drum machine music; enegretic mood music, flattened hysteria. Back