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Catalogue No. Artist Name - Click for bio Title - Click the title to hear the music.
7ird aqr1 Aqua Regia Hot Love 3 + 5
9ird aqr2 Aqua Regia Pump Up The L.E.D.s to Red, Take Some Drugs & Shake Your Head
11ird aqr4 Aqua Regia The Age of Aqueous
12ird aqr5 Aqua Regia N.Y.C. Smile On Me
12ird aqr5r1 Aqua Regia N.Y.C. Smile On Me 3 + George The Baron Kelly Remix
16ird aqr6 Aqua Regia The House Tribe
17ird aqr7 Aqua Regia Omnus Carwash
18ird aqrfb1 Aqua Regia Aqueanosolo / Up Down Demo
19ird vco1 Veco.19 EEP
20ird aqr8 Aqua Regia Rugelach
22ird rtc1 Ray Tracing Slodato
23ird hnt1 Hainault Japan Inc
24ird bto1 Beautyon Pendolino
25ird aqr9 Aqua Regia Uh, Ring me; Bye/Directory Enquiries
26ird mat1 Neuropolitique ep1
27ird ins1 In sync Warm/Storm
29ird col1 Aqua Regia vs Rhythm Doc Levels 1 - 5
30ird bto2 Beautyon Your Ignorance Makes Me Ill And Angry / DOME
40ird mmr10 Monster Music Omnus Carwash 3: Scattered In Time
41ird mgc1 Morganistic In The Shadow
42ird mat2 Neuropolitique ep2
43ird ins2 In Sync/Pluto Ratcatcher ep
45ird tjj1 Thee J. Johanz Move Your Butty ep
47ird ins3 In Sync Pomping World
49ird mat3 Neuropolitique Large Spoon ep
51ird aev1 Anthony Manning Elastic Variations Vol.1
52ird mat4 Neuropolitique Menage à Trois
53ird tjj2 Thee J. Johanz Attack Of The Chilling Bees
54ird aev2 Anthony Manning Islets in Pink Polypropylene
55ird com3 The Electric Family MARIOPAINT
56ird aev3 Anthony Manning Chromium Nebulae
57ird tef1 The Electric Family MARIOPAINT the 12 inch
58ird clk1 Clip Talk Advanced Music Designs
59ird tcp1 The Conet Project Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations | CD 1 | CD 2 | CD 3 | CD 4 |
61ird aev4 Anthony Manning Concision
62ird tcp2 Stephen P. McGreevy Electric Enigma: The VLF Recordings of Stephen P. McGreevy | CD 1 | CD 2 |
63ird amf1 Mimi Majick Mimis Utilities
65ird bto4 Beautyon No02
67ird oct1 Dilemma Chip Tunes
68ird oct2 Dilemma Chip Tunes ][
69ird bto5 Beautyon S00nar
70ird moy1 M over Y Madonna Over Yorkshire